Phase One Post-Consolidation Structure

Posted On July 9, 2015
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ATLANTA- Georgia State University today (July 9, 2105) announced the top-level structure of new organization for the consolidated Georgia State University and Georgia Perimeter College. This initial phase addresses the central administration, the college and division leadership and the college administrator position to lead the new Perimeter College.

The new institutional structure incorporates the former Georgia Perimeter College as a new two-year access college, which will be known as Perimeter College, within the larger university structure. A new position of vice provost and dean will be created to lead the college. This position will be filled following a competitive search process.

President Becker was confirmed as the new university president by the Regents at their meeting in January 2015. The president has confirmed the existing Georgia State vice presidents will remain in their current positions after the consolidation is complete. A competitive search will be conducted to fill a new cabinet-level position, vice president for human resources.

The vice presidents are responsible for reviewing requirements and personnel within their organizational structures in the coming weeks. They will use a number of strategies to allocate personnel to the positions on the organizational chart for the new institution. Where there is a clear match between position requirements and qualifications, an individual may be appointed. Where there is no clear match, or where there are multiple potential matches, a competitive process will be used to identify the successful candidate.

On the academic side, the complementary nature of the two pre-consolidation institutions will likely mean fewer changes than may have been necessary in previous consolidations in which there were departments competing to offer the same programs at the same level. Deans, chairs and faculty at Georgia State will continue to offer four-year degree programs and above. Faculty in the divisions in Perimeter College will continue to offer associate degree programs, certificates, etc., as they have in the past. This reflects the new institutional mission statement previously approved by the Board of Regents.

The new position of vice provost and dean of Perimeter College will be supported by five senior associate and two associate deans, a coordinator for the Division of Online Education and other administrative personnel. The vitae of the current GPC deans and other potential candidates will be reviewed with a view to appointing the incumbents to the new positions where appropriate. If this is not possible for some of the senior and associate dean positions a competitive process will be used to identify the best candidate.

Once the vice provost and dean, senior associate, and associate deans are identified they will be involved in determining the final structure and processes for identifying chairs, associate chairs and directors in Perimeter College.

Please visit  to view the first phase of the organizational structure.