Phase Two Post-Consolidation Structure

Posted On October 2, 2015
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ATLANTA—Georgia State University today (Oct. 2) announced the approval of the second phase of the organizational structure for the institution to be formed through its consolidation with Georgia Perimeter College (GPC).

The first phase of the organizational structure announced last summer identified the central administration for the consolidated Georgia State. The university’s vice presidents are now responsible for reviewing requirements and personnel within their areas to further develop the organizational structures for their respective areas. They will use a number of strategies to allocate personnel to the positions on the organizational chart for the new institution. Where there is a clear match between position requirements and qualifications, an individual may be appointed. Where there is no clear match, or where there are multiple potential matches, a competitive process will be used to identify the successful candidate.

On the academic side in Perimeter College, once the Vice Provost and Dean, Senior Associate and Associate Deans are identified they will be involved in determining the final structure and processes for identifying Chairs, Associate Chairs and Directors within the college.

As a college-level entity in the newly consolidated Georgia State, Perimeter College will have an amended organizational hierarchy. The positions of President, Provost and multiple Vice Presidents have been eliminated or repurposed as appropriate. This is also the case with many departments that have been offering institution-wide services at GPC (Finance and Administration, Facilities, Development and others). As with the more senior positions, many of the former GPC central administration staff positions have been repurposed to provide central administration support to the new Perimeter College.

The organizational structure represents our best determination to date of the final consolidated structure. It is possible that as we move through the process minor amendments may need to be made in order to best serve our students.

It is still not possible to estimate or predict the numbers, institutional sources and level of employees who will require help in securing other University System of Georgia employment. Many positions at the current Georgia Perimeter College are vacant and this large number of existing vacancies should minimize the number of personnel displaced.

For more information the read: Employment Actions Related to the Consolidation