Business Operations and Contracts

Final Report:

OWG 31 Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations:

OWG 31 Approved Recommendations


GSU Co-Chair-Bruce Spratt, Associate Vice President and Comptroller
GPC Co-Chair-Diane Hickey, Interim Executive Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs

Committee Membership List



Inst. Affiliation

Bruce Spratt AVP and Comptroller Georgia State University
Yvonne Bell Director, Accounting Services Georgia State University
Jean Pearson Director, Disbursements Georgia State University
Robert Elmore Director, HRIS Payroll & Benefits Georgia State University
Shibu Joys Director, Financial Systems Georgia State University
Charmaine Daniels Director, Student Accounts Georgia State University
Catrice Clark Director, Rev, Rec, and Cashiering Georgia State University
Jeff Cundiff Manager, Financial Reporting Georgia State University
Jaline Dixon Cash Manager Georgia State University
Diane Hickey Interim Chief Business Officer Georgia Perimeter College
Tameka Shannon Controller Georgia Perimeter College
Mischelle Standifer Assoc. Director, Accounts Payable Georgia Perimeter College
Valerie Harper Director, Payroll Ben. & Acct. Svc. Georgia Perimeter College
Michelle Arth Asst. Director, Admin. Systems Georgia Perimeter College
Katina James Bursar Georgia Perimeter College
Cathy Thaweethamsewee Capital Asset Accountant Georgia Perimeter College
Latoya Nelson Accountant III Georgia Perimeter College


  • Transfer assets
  • Transfer bank accounts (approve bank signatory approvals)
  • Send notice to MSRB and others as required for PPVs
  • Coordinate with Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
  • DOAA: Address FDMRs, full audits, consolidated reports, etc; set timeframes SAO: Address State CAFR, reporting for SEFA, TIGA, CAP, et. al.
  • OST: Address bank accounts and other banking matters (approve bank signatory approvals) federal: coordinate with IRS, grants, foundations, DUNS, FEI, etc.
  • Coordinate with Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Coordinate with rating and lending agencies
  • Address insurance & benefits vendor (communications & standardization)
  • Determine authorized signatures
  • Create new checks
  • Address investment accounts
  • Standardize business procedures and processes
  • Develop accounting processes and procedures
  • Merge financial systems (PeopleSoft)
  • Set business unit number (Create new one? Keep old one?) (PeopleSoft)
  • Determine changes to delivered reports (PeopleSoft)
  • Ensure integrity of financial information (PeopleSoft)
  • Determine changes to PeopleSoft Trees (PeopleSoft)
  • Address non-standard chartfields (dept., account, project, etc.) (PeopleSoft)
  • Address detail codes- Student Registration System (BANNER)
  • Address Data Feeds into consolidated financial system (BANNER)
  • Determine use of ADP by consolidated university
  • Address issues related to historical & new access and retention (PeopleSoft)
  • Address credit card and merchant accounts