Campus Master Planning and Physical Plant


GSU Co-Chair-Ramesh Vakamudi, Associate Vice President for Facilities.
GPC Co-Chair-Lewis Godwin, Director of Campus Planning


34-1. Campus Master Planning
  • Review and evaluate current campus master plans
34-2. Physical Plant
  • Initiate building inventory validation (addresses and description of each GPC building, whether owned or leased; obtain copies of all agreements/leases and related documentation, including title papers, title insurance policies, appraisals, surveys, etc.)
  • Specifically, obtain details regarding GPC’s Newton Campus, which involves a donation of land from the Arnold Fund, and which is owned by the GPC Foundation. One building is leased with E & G funds and another (including baseball/softball facilities) is leased with student fees.
  • Specifically, obtain details regarding GPC’s lease of its Lakeside Center (1975 Lakeside Parkway Tucker, Georgia 30084)
  • Merge and review space inventories
  • Make changes to existing bonds/warranties
  • Identify responsibilities for GO bonds asset tracking and records retention
  • Work with GSFIC on changes to necessary documentation (letters)
  • Revise active contracts once consolidation is completed
  • Consider cross training for smooth transition & higher delegated authority
  • Identify restrictions on real property deeds
  • Identify any reversionary language in property deeds
  • Understand what real property campuses own
  • Address use restrictions in rental agreements
  • Identify restrictions on donations for naming
  • Consider and implement consolidation of rental space
  • Understand what real property Foundations own
  • Consolidate & restructure maintenance departments, including salary & reporting
  • Identify and reconcile differences in handling M&O
  • Develop naming protocols for buildings
  • Change signs on and off campuses
  • Address all out-sourced services and make them coincide
  • Address Shipping & Receiving, including inter-campus Mail Courier Service
  • Consolidate preventive maintenance plans, including for PPVs
  • Identify functional duplication between campuses (supervisors, tech., etc.)
  • Re-implement Management Systems: M&O billing/accounting, tracking, etc.)
  • Reconcile differences in how departments handle M&O of PPV/GHEFA Space
  • Reassess outsourced functions for PPV/GHEFA (Mech., Elec., Fire, etc.)
  • Reconcile replacement reserves accounts for PPV capital improvements
  • Address maintenance contracts for plant equipment, HVAC, trash, etc.
  • Consolidate preventive maintenance programs
  • Determine if 8038 filings need to be amended for PPVs
  • Understand how debt ratios get calculated
  • Determine if institutions accept pre-funding commitments to begin projects
  • Provide required notice on all PPVs to EMMA and others
  • Obtain copies of all Certificates of Occupancy.