Physical Plant

Final Report

OWG 34-2 Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations:

OWG 34-2 Approved Recommendations


GSU Co-Chair-Ramesh Vakamudi, Associate Vice President for Facilities.
GPC Co-Chair-Scott Hardy

Committee Membership List



Inst. Affiliation

Rick Bertaccini

Decatur Facilities Manager

Georgia Perimeter College

Alvin Clark

Manager, FIS, Facilities

Georgia State University

Jeff Day

MEP Zone Chief

Georgia Perimeter College

Patrick Dukes

Director, Administrative Services

Georgia State University

Beth Harris

Scheduling Administrator

Georgia Perimeter College

Anthony Maddox

Senior Facilities Manager

Georgia Perimeter College

Abdul Momen

Director, M&0

Georgia State University

Patti Stilson

Director, Building Services

Georgia State University


  • Initiate building inventory validation (addresses and description of each GPC building, whether owned or leased; obtain copies of all agreements/leases and related documentation, including title papers, title insurance policies, appraisals, surveys, etc.)
  • Specifically, obtain details regarding GPC’s Newton Campus, which involves a donation of land from the Arnold Fund, and which is owned by the GPC Foundation. One building is leased with E & G funds and another (including baseball/softball facilities) is leased with student fees.
  • Specifically, obtain details regarding GPC’s lease of its Lakeside Center (1975 Lakeside Parkway Tucker, Georgia 30084)
  • Merge and review space inventories
  • Make changes to existing bonds/warranties
  • Identify responsibilities for GO bonds asset tracking and records retention
  • Work with GSFIC on changes to necessary documentation (letters)
  • Revise active contracts once consolidation is completed
  • Consider cross training for smooth transition & higher delegated authority
  • Identify restrictions on real property deeds
  • Identify any reversionary language in property deeds
  • Understand what real property campuses own
  • Address use restrictions in rental agreements
  • Identify restrictions on donations for naming
  • Consider and implement consolidation of rental space
  • Understand what real property Foundations own
  • Consolidate & restructure maintenance departments, including salary & reporting
  • Identify and reconcile differences in handling M&O
  • Develop naming protocols for buildings
  • Change signs on and off campuses
  • Address all out-sourced services and make them coincide
  • Address Shipping & Receiving, including inter-campus Mail Courier Service
  • Consolidate preventive maintenance plans, including for PPVs
  • Identify functional duplication between campuses (supervisors, tech., etc.)
  • Re-implement Management Systems: M&O billing/accounting, tracking, etc.)
  • Reconcile differences in how departments handle M&O of PPV/GHEFA Space
  • Reassess outsourced functions for PPV/GHEFA (Mech., Elec., Fire, etc.)
  • Reconcile replacement reserves accounts for PPV capital improvements
  • Address maintenance contracts for plant equipment, HVAC, trash, etc.
  • Consolidate preventive maintenance programs
  • Determine if 8038 filings need to be amended for PPVs
  • Understand how debt ratios get calculated
  • Determine if institutions accept pre-funding commitments to begin projects
  • Provide required notice on all PPVs to EMMA and others
  • Obtain copies of all Certificates of Occupancy.