Final Report:

OWG 4 Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations:

OWG 4 Approved Recommendations


GSU Co-Chair-Joyce Many, Associate Dean of the College of Education GPC Co-Chair-Susan Cody, Dean of Social Science

Committee Membership List

Inst. Affiliation
Dr. Susan Cody-Rydzewski CoChair, Dean Social Sciences Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Ursula Thomas Director, Field Placement & Assessments for Teacher Education Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Mary Mattson Professor, Education Georgia Perimeter College
Damita Boyd, tentative Director, Sign Language Interpreting Program Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Bonnie Young Department Chair, Kinesiology and Health, college-wide Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Nicole Lynch Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Joyce Many CoChair, Associate Dean COE Georgia State University
Dr. Ruth Saxton Program Coordinator B-5, Dept. Georgia State University
Dr. Caroline Sullivan Middle Grades Faculty, Dept. of MSE Georgia State University
Dr. Jackie Lund Chair, Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Georgia State University
Dr. Debra McKeown Special Education Faculty, Dept. of ESC Georgia State University
Tyanne Pethel Director of Field Placement Georgia State University


  • Streamline program offerings
  • Streamline Kinesiology programs
  • Streamline Sign Language Interpreter Programs
  • Consider Childcare Facilities