Faculty Affairs


GSU Co-Chair-Lynda Brown-Wright, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
GPC Co-Chair-Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning


  •  Determine Processes and Procedures for Hiring Full and Part-time Faculty
  •  Merge Current Faculty Rosters
  •  Transfer Faculty Files to One Location (near Consolidation Date)
  •  Determine Consolidation Impact on Faculty and Faculty Workloads
  •  Update Faculty Contracts
  •  Combine Faculty Grievance Processes
  •  Determine Membership Regents Academic Advisory Committees
  •  Consolidate faculty leave program
  • Consolidate faculty honors and awards programs into a single program
  • Consolidate Faculty Honors and Awards Programs into a Single Program
  •  Consolidate nomination processes for the regents awards
  •  Consolidate foundation funded awards
  •  Combine New Faculty Orientations and Fall Faculty Conferences
  •  Address faculty development opportunities and requirements
  • Evaluate and determine appropriate levels of consistency in Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures
  • Develop faculty evaluation processes (timeline and forms) appropriate to mission and context