Public Safety and Security and Emergency Planning and Communication


GSU Co-Chair-Connie Sampson, Chief of Police
GPC Co-Chair-Nicholas Marinelli, Chief of Police


  • Consolidate campus security and police policy/procedure manual
  • Contact DOE to address Clery Act reporting requirements
  • Coordinate meeting with all chiefs to discuss best practices
  • Discuss public safety responsibilities & authorities for combined operations
  • Identify new FTE requirements for dispatch, patrol and investigation
  • Make decisions on campus police management structures
  • Plan transition training and workshops to assist key supervisors
  • Integrate vehicle fleet
  • Consolidate campus safety plans and train where required
  • Coordinate with DOAS to revise compensation claims goals
  • Coordinate with POST Agency name changes and/or close-outs
  • Identify radio & phone communications operations for GCIC/NCIC access
  • Review mutual aid agreements with president; present to BOR for approval
  • Review GPC Clery Act reports for past 3 years
  • Identify GPC campus security authorities
  • Review GPC timely notice policies and procedures
  • Consolidate into PantherAlert system
  • Combine emergency/behavioral response teams and notification systems
  • Review existing mass communication systems and contracts
  • Maintain existing emergency operations and put new plans in place