Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity, Grants, and Sponsored Operations

Final Report:

OWG 16 Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations:

OWG 16 Approved Recommendations


GSU Co-Chair-Jim Weyhenmeyer, VP for Research and Economic Development
GPC Co-Chair-Glenn Pfeifer, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs

Committee Membership List



Inst. Affiliation

Dr. Ken Packman Director, Office Sponsored Programs and Awards Georgia State University
Margaret Matkins Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Programs and Awards Georgia State University
Ryan Eastwood Cost Analyst Georgia State University
Brenda Chapman Associate Vice President, Research Integrity Georgia State University
Gwen Spratt Associate General Counsel Georgia State University
Richard Muller Assistant Director, Research Compliance and Safety Georgia State University
Margaret “Casey” Kilcullen-Steiner Assistant Director, IACUC Georgia State University
Leonard Conner Grants Program Administrator Georgia Perimeter College
Lynne Coughlin Grants Administrative Assistant Georgia Perimeter College
Dr. Patricia Gregg Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research and Planning Georgia Perimeter College
Scott Hardy Director, Facilities Operations Georgia Perimeter College
Yvette Usher Assistant Controller, Accounting Services Georgia Perimeter College


  • Remain aware of and track intellectual property
  • Address consolidation of and requirements for centers and institutes
  • Consolidate to a standard non-disclosure agreement, Research agreement, copyright policy, intellectual property policy, etc.
  • Protect any retained GPC trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.
  • Institutional Review Board processes
  • Transfer GPC sponsored research to Georgia State University
  • Determine implications for IDC and establish appropriate positioning with respect to federal negotiations.