Sports, Scheduling and Scholarships

Final Report:

OWG 22 Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations:

OWG 22 Approved Recommendations


GSU Co-Chair-Charlie Cobb, Athletics Director
GPC Co-Chair-Alfred Barney, Athletic Director

Committee Membership List



Inst. Affiliation

Charlie Cobb

Director of Athletics

Georgia State University

Alfred Barney

Director of Athletics

Georgia Perimeter College

Erik Paz

Director of Compliance

Georgia State University

Michael Sainte

Assistant Director of Compliance

Georgia State University

Kelcey Roegiers-Jensen

Interim SWA

Georgia State University


  • Determine future state and configuration of athletic programs
  • Review any GPC Athletics’ employment contracts
  • Review any GPC Athletics’ game contracts
  • Review GPC Athletics’ facilities
  • Review GPC Athletics’ major vendors (e.g., CLC, IMG, apparel rights, sponsorships agreements, etc.)
  • NCAA/conference obligations
  • GPC Athletics Equipment Audit