Student Organizations and Student Life


GSU Co-Chair-Becca Stout, Associate Vice President Student Affairs
GPC Co-Chair-Matthew Robison, Dean of Students, Clarkston


  • Consolidate and integrate
  • Define CTNS with the purpose of clearer understanding of placement within the new Georgia State Univversity
  • Determine the organizational/reporting structure used at both institutions for CTNS
  • Determine which organizational/reporting structure (or umbrella office) best serves CTNS
  • Make recommendations for funding source(s)
  • Make recommendations for physical location(s) of CTNS
  • Make recommendations for physical location(s) of administration (if applicable)
  • Plan and conduct a workshop or retreat to facilitate understanding and buy-in by students and others involved with CTNS
  • Consolidate and integrate
  • Maintain, Consolidate, and Integrate Identify and Promote Key Issues and Items in GSU and GPC History
  • Determine Registration Process for Student Organizations
  • Determine Faculty Leadership of Student Organizations and Clubs
  • Consolidate GPC’s Newspaper
  • Determine overall service structure related to student organization services
  • Discuss software platforms used for organizations and determine how to consolidate (OrgSync and Collegiate Link)
  • Recommend positions and reporting structure
  • Determine physical locations of services
  • Discuss areas that are not included anywhere in the process (Leadership programs, Multicultural Services for students, International Services for students, volunteer programs, Student Media, Student activity award programs, Activities Board structure)
  • Student Organization policies (how to start, how to renew, requirements to be an officer/member, how to secure funding, reservations for campus space, year-end reporting, training sessions, etc.)
  • Faculty advisor policies
  • Student Organization Manual/Student Organization
  • Advisor Manual
  • Maintain, consolidate and integrate student programming boards
  • Revise Student Activity Fee Committee Bylaws
  • Combine SGA and other student activities
  • Revise SGA and Student Fee Committee bylaws
  • Combine Health Centers and Services
  • Combine Counseling and Testing Centers
  • Consolidate and Integrate