University Foundations Operations and Integration

No final report submitted


GSU Co-Chair-President Mark Becker
GPC Co-Chair-President Rob Watts


  • Merge or retain separate foundations (501(c)(3) status changes; 990 returns; audit reports, etc.)
  • Address endowment restrictions (temporarily restricted and permanently restricted) & tax-exempt bond liabilities
  • Identify cost/funding sources for changes foundation must make on PPVs
  • Consider responsibility of 5-year facilities condition assessments
  • Consider essentiality of each PPV project
  • Analyze PPV insurance coverage to ensure adequate continuous coverage
  • Consider opportunities for economy of scale on PPV projects
  • Consider ReAing to lower cost to students
  • Discern any change to Foundation impact on existing PPVs or financing
  • Discern any impact on Foundation bylaws
  • Consolidate or retain vendor contracts (e.g., Razor’s Edge, Investment Manager Agreements, etc.)
  • Consolidate or retain bank accounts (approval account signatory approvals)
  • Consolidate or retain corporate card accounts
  • Review minute books for directors’ meetings and committee meetings and actions by written consent for past 3 years